Playdough Tub Sets

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Available in :
  • Mocha: Chocolate, Coffee  + Vanilla
  • Primary: Red (Spicy Cinnamon), Blue (Bubblegum) + Yellow (Lemon) 
  • Glitter: Pink (Strawberry ), Purple (Grape) + Turquoise (Bubblegum)                                                                                        
 3 colours of our non-toxic, super soft and yummy smelling playdough.
All our playdough is made with food grade ingredients and we then add essential oils or food flavouring to make it smell amazing.
Each pack contains 3 tubs and a cookie cutter.
All dough must be kept in a sealed container, in a cool place away from direct light.
If stored correctly our dough will last around 6 months. 
(scents may vary)