Easter Playdough Set

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Easter Playdough Sets

Can you believe it’s come round so fast?

Well, I suppose it’s time to hop to it....

We love Easter and if your kids are anything like ours they’ve been asking since Christmas was over, 'when's Easter?"

Well, it’s so close we can almost taste it!

Kids will love this Easter Set, they can create their own little garden for their cute make believe Easter Egg Hunt .

We’ve handmade little paws, ears, nose, beaks and provided beads and feathers for them to make their own bunny and chicks.

There’s a wooden hutch and nest for the chicks, carrots for the bunnies, mini pots to plant flowers and veggies, a basket to collect eggs, eggs - big and small, flowers, glass beads, a handcrafted sign + more.

All in a reusable box with 4 colours of our handmade playdough.

We are making a limited number so get your orders in quickly!